MôForró (pronounced moh-foh-HAW) plays triangle-driven, hip-swiveling dance music deeply rooted in the traditional “pé de serra” style of forró. A music born out of the countryside of the dry Northeast of Brazil, forró is enjoying unprecedented popularity throughout the world among non-Brazilians and expats alike.

The group was formed in 2012 by members of Samba Society, a musical collective of multi-instrumentalists with broad knowledge of the musical panorama and history of Brazil. With the help of the Forró in LA dance community and MôForró at the helm, forró has steadily grown in popularity in SoCal as dancers discover its infectious swing.

 About the director:

 Simon Carroll, (Director, Vocalist, and Percussionist), raised in the central valley of California, has a strong presence in the Brazilian community of Los Angeles. During 2007 and 2008 he studied music in the streets of Brazil, living in various major cultural city centers, seeking out musicians who are masters of their art and learning from them in their cultural settings. He studied Forró in Recife with Dinda Salú, the youngest son of the great Mestre Salustiano.


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